Purpose & Sustainability Culture

Organizations are purpose driven when they want to use their business to make a difference in the world. They use their talents and energy to address something they perceive as an ‘inconvenient truth’. Which is a more fundamental driver than giving a % of their revenue to a good cause.

We support companies with an approach to:
  • both define and implement their purpose 
  • connect to the systemic history and the natural place / calling of a company, beyond just making money
  • identify the “Inconvenient Truth”, the biggest injustice in their market, industry and world in which they function
  • find the courage to do what´s right. For instance, how do you get a meat producer to start producing meatless products or cheese without cows?
It´s the right thing to do also for your business....

Employees of purpose driven organizations are 40% more engaged and 70% more involved by the work they do. The chance that they stay is 300% more likely compared to other companies.

Clients are more satisfied: 79% is prepared to recommend a purpose driven organization and 89% thinks these companies deliver the best quality. 
And for those focussed on shareholder value: note that purpose driven organizations perform 10x better (period 1996-2011) and generated 120% more value on the stock exchange (2013) (source: E&Y.com)