• Like to explore if our purpose & drives connect with you?

Like to explore if our purpose & drives connect with you?

Susanne Schimmer is looking forward to exchanging drives, needs and experiences.
Bringing over 20 years of Organizational Development for multinationals and public sector - shaping cultures and supporting teams & individuals to work in different and more sustainable ways. 

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I truly love Organizational Development (OD), a field that I have more than 20 years of education and expertise in, across various industries. Having had roles as head of OD for Multinationals, I like to work for and especially with the business. Bringing a quick understanding of business- and people dynamics. I always love it when people tell me that I don't feel like “traditional HR” and that I am trying to keep them honest in working on the topics that really matter. This includes not shying away from the “tougher but important” conversations. At the same time, I have great experiences working together with internal HR on assignments to transfer OD capabilities.

I like on working on assignments to support organizational transformation and esp. (innovation) culture and behavior change. In my work I always look for Human- & Systems dynamics, since these tend to be the real challenge and enablers.

I like innovative & pragmatic interventions for instance using Lean Startup method. But don´t believe in cookie cutter standard solutions, instead, I like to work on solutions that work for the client and that create sustainable impact.

Being a “Flachländer” from the Netherlands, who loves skiing, mountain biking and water sports, Munich is the place for me the place to live, although I work around the globe, enjoying the richness of diversity and cultures.